Leigh Sexton is desperate to have a baby,
and Brian Hathaway would be the perfect bio-
dad. One of Chicago's most notorious
playboys, Brian is no family man, which suits
Leigh just fine. An heiress and successful
CPA, she is more than capable of raising a
child alone. Now all she has to do is work up
the nerve to ask Brian to impregnate her...
artificially. Leigh has no interest in
conceiving the old-fashioned way, despite
how her heart races whenever she's near

Brian is intrigued by Leigh's request. He's
not into commitment, even with a woman as
attractive as Leigh, but he's also not the
type to make a deposit and then disappear.
If he goes along with her scheme, he's got
one demand of his own: marriage before
conception. He agrees to keep things
clinical—he can get sex elsewhere—but
having a wife at home will keep the husband-
hunters at bay.

It seems like the ideal compromise—until
they start falling in love.
After tragedy strikes, Bree Penoyer's
feelings of guilt leave her speechless—
literally. Tired of always being the good
girl and just letting things happen to
her, Bree decides it's time to take life
into her own hands. She dumps her
lucrative but uninspiring career and her
sweet but boring fiancé, and escapes to
her late grandmother's rustic cabin in
South Carolina to find herself again.

Her solitude is immediately disrupted by
her new neighbor, Hart Manning, a sexy
but arrogant rogue who doesn't seem
capable of taking no for an answer. The
last thing Bree wants is an affair,
especially with a self-proclaimed
womanizer like Hart. But she can't deny
he arouses her as no man ever has,
and when at last she finds her voice,
she's very ready to say yes!
After four years of marriage, Sonia
and Craig Hamilton are as much in
love as ever. But their happiness
turns into a nightmare when they are
violently assaulted while taking a
late-night walk in a Chicago park.

Back home in Cold Creek, Wyoming,
far from the dangers of the big city,
they try to put the attack behind
them. But it's not long before Sonia
realizes Craig is haunted by the
memory, and his inability to protect
her. His obsession with keeping her
safe, and getting revenge, soon
threatens to tear them apart...
Jake Rivard has been back in Grosse Pointe
for only twenty-four hours, and already banker
Anne Blake's well-ordered world is in chaos.
Again. Every time the man with the sexy
silver-gray eyes shows up, she falls into bed
with him. And every time he walks away,
there's an ache in her heart she can never
ease. Now that she has the stable life she's
always craved, Anne's not about to let him
seduce her again. No matter how much she
wants him to.

Jake's not leaving this time without Anne by his
side. He's determined to marry her, despite
her insistence that their relationship doesn't
work outside of the bedroom. All he asks is
that she spend two weeks with him in Idaho's
Silver Valley, managing his finances. And if it
will prove to her that they have more in
common than lust, Jake's prepared to keep his
hands to himself for the whole trip.

But is two weeks enough time to convince
Anne that the only thing standing between
them is the wall she's built around her heart?
Mitch Cochran had been kept from
enjoying life to its fullest, but he's now
ready for all love has to offer. He
wants much more than just a casual
encounter, though. He's looking for
love, and Kay Sanders is the real
thing. But when he learns she's a sex
ed teacher, Mitch worries that he'll be
unable to live up to the expectations
of this very passionate woman.

Kay can tell Mitch is hiding something,
and the less he volunteers about his
past, the more intrigued she
becomes. Despite kisses that could
tempt Kay to go against her own rule
of no sex without commitment, Mitch
ends each date like the perfect
gentleman. Kay soon realizes that if
she wants to move their budding
relationship to the next level, she's
going to have to take matters into her
own hands...
From blind date...
He's divorced, eleven years older and the
father of three. Not exactly every girl's Ideal
Man. But as soon as reserved bookstore
owner Susan meets charismatic Griff
Anderson, she's smitten—and just three
passion-filled months later, she's his wife.

To instant family...
Their idyllic honeymoon spent restoring a
majestic Victorian is cut short when the
newlyweds happily—but unexpectedly—find
themselves with full custody of his children.
Now, instead of enjoying passionate nights
and lazy mornings-after with Griff, Susan
finds herself thrust into the role of Mom to
Tom, Barbara and Tiger. And quarrelling
with her husband over how to handle the
drama that comes with a house full of
tweens and teens.

When pet problems, party crashers and
pregnancy scares threaten their happiness,
Susan can't help but wonder what Griff really
wanted: a wife, or a mother for his children?

For better, for worse...
After nine years of marriage, Erica
McCrery fears she's losing her husband.
After Kyle's father died and the couple left
their affluent lifestyle in Florida to take
over the family business in Wisconsin,
there has been a tension between them.
The nights are as passion-filled as ever,
but in the light of day, their relationship no
longer seems to work.

For richer, for poorer...
Kyle works long hours, keeps Erica in the
dark about financial matters and doesn't
seem to believe that she actually enjoys
helping out in the woodworking shop. Erica
is problems, but the situation becomes
even more complicated when an old friend,
notorious playboy Morgan Shane, invites
himself for an extended visit...
Lorna Whitaker will do anything for her
nine-year-old son, Johnny—even if it
means asking his late father's family for
help. Cast out by the Whitaker clan after
her husband, Richard, accused her of
being unfaithful, Lorna has been
struggling to make ends meet as a single
mom ever since. But desperation finally
forces her to turn to Richard's older
brother, Matthew. The last thing she
expects is to fall for the man...

Matthew Whitaker is struck by the
reappearance of his brother's former
wife, and the very un-brotherly feelings
Lorna inspires in him. Though he's eager
to explore the new chemistry between
them, he still can't trust her—and he still
doesn't believe Johnny is his nephew...
With the figure of a sex symbol and a
career as a lingerie executive, Greer
Lothrop is used to attracting more than
her fair share of male attention. After
years of unwanted stares, she is far
more comfortable playing mother hen
than femme fatale.

She's shocked when there's nothing
motherly about the feelings her new
neighbor, engineer Ryan McCullough,
arouses in her. She's never been
attracted to a man of such raw sexuality
before. What is it about Ryan that has
her confiding in him—and falling into his
arm—within hours of meeting?

It's clear Ryan isn't interested in Greer
for her chicken soup. He's not falling for
her girl-next-door routine either, no
matter how hard she tries to deny their
chemistry. He knows there's a
passionate woman behind the façade—
and he knows just how to awaken her...
Loren Shephard is too proud to ask
for help and too broke to pay for it.
She has her hands full with a
demanding career, a grandfather
who can't stay away from the bottle,
a spoiled younger sister and a
mansion that's fallen into disrepair.
When Buck Leeds stumbles into her
life and starts fixing things—and
arousing feelings she never knew
she possessed—she can't help but
fall for the brawny stranger.

Loren's trust in Buck is shattered
and she's filled with self-doubt when
she realizes her first impressions of
Buck were all wrong. How can she
build a future with a man that
reminds her too much of her past?
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When tragedy strikes, Zoe Anderson finds
herself in the one role she never expected
to have: mother. Sharing guardianship of
four-year-old twins with sexy Rafe Kirkland
is a responsibility she simply cannot
accept. Rafe is just going to have to take
care of the boys himself.

Rafe's not prepared to be a single parent
either, but deserting the children is not an
option--and he's never been as attracted
to a woman as he is to their godmother.
He proposes a solution: Zoe and the boys
will move in with him, at least until other
arrangements can be made. Or until he
can convince her to make their temporary
family permanent.

Zoe reluctantly agrees to the plan, but
even after she loses her heart to the
twins, she can't possibly take that
emotional risk with Rafe...
When single mom Laura Anderson
rear-ends a vintage Austin-Healey
while taking her baby to the doctor, the
last thing she expects is to find her
Prince Charming behind the wheel.
There' s nothing quite as sexy to a new
mother as a man who has a way with
babies and comes bearing gifts of
gourmet chocolate! Especially when
his kisses inspire feelings she thought
were lost forever...

Chocolate baron Owen Reesling
knows he should stay away from
Laura, a woman still obviously
wounded by the breakup of her
marriage. But he can' t help but fall for
the beauty--and her baby. He won' t
push her into a relationship, but he' s
determined to do whatever it takes to
break down the wall she' s built around
her heart and convince her to take
another chance on love.
Carroll Laker knows she' s found the
marrying kind in Alan Smith. The
pediatrician is everything a woman could
want in a husband; he' s kind,
dependable, patient. Maybe too patient:
even though they spend Saturday
mornings house-hunting, they' ve yet to
spend a night in bed together. And
suddenly Carroll starts fantasizing about
what it would be like to be wildly,
wantonly, passionately in love...

Alan has wanted to marry Carroll since
the moment he met her. When he senses
he' s on the verge of losing her, he
decides it' s time to loosen up. If Carroll
needs excitement and seduction, that' s
exactly what he' ll give her. From orchids
and exotic foods to midnight canoe rides
and dancing till dawn, Alan will do
anything to sweep Carroll off her feet and
into his bed.

At first, Carroll is delighted by the
romantic gestures. But she can' t help
wondering: Will the new Alan love her
forever the way the old Alan would have?
Two's company...

Bett and Zach Monroe were newly married and
just starting their careers when they suddenly
found themselves owners of a neglected farm in
Michigan. Unable to resist the lure of the land,
the young couple set out to build their own
private paradise. The days are long, the work is
hard, but Bett and Zach love every minute of it.
And through it all, their passion for one another
burns as hot as ever.

Three's a crowd...

But their peace is threatened when Bett's
widowed mother comes for a "visit"--bringing
with her a U-Haul of belongings. Within an hour
of her arrival, Elizabeth is causing friction
between Bett and Zach. And as the days
become weeks, their house no longer feels like
home, they are barely speaking, and privacy is

There's only one way to reclaim their own
happily-ever-after: marry Elizabeth off.
After a whirlwind courtship, Kern Lowery
whisked his young bride away to the
mountains of Tennessee to start a new life.
Unfortunately, Trisha' s sheltered Grosse
Pointe upbringing didn' t prepare her for
marriage or the hardships of country living,
so she left with barely a goodbye.

Five years later, an accident brings Trisha
back to Tennessee. No longer the shy,
helpless girl she was, she keeps her
composure when she comes face-to-face with
the stranger she is still technically married to.
Inside, however, her emotions are a riot of
passion--and fear. Fear of falling for the man
she loves once again...