"NEW MAN in TOWN"  Trilogy
Twenty years ago, Lily Campbell's parents died in a
mysterious fire. Now she's back for the truth...but
nobody in her sleepy hometown wants to talk about
that night. And when the fires start up again, it's clear
that somebody doesn't want her to stay.

Griff Branchard has perfected his bad-boy persona.
But the moment he sees Lily, nothing matters as much
as getting close to her. Although rumors about her are
flying around town, he just can't believe such a sweet
woman could be a troublemaker...But trouble? She's
deep in it. And he's going to make sure that the only
heat she feels is from the flames of desire.
SECRETIVE STRANGER (Romantic Times Rating: 4) by Jennifer Greene:  "After a traumatic childhood, Campbell
lives a risk-free life. Her new assignment as a translator finds her in D.C. keeping a low profile until she finds her
neighbor, Jon Pruitt, dead in a shared entrance to their respective apartments. Sophie's cocoon unravels with the
arrival of Jon's brother, Cord. They're drawn to each other, which surprises Sophie, since men tend to ignore her.
The one thing Sophie strives for is honesty and even as she's falling for Cord, she's certain he is not truthful. This
is a terrific beginning to Greene's Campbell sisters trilogy. Sophie and Cord are splendid as a pair of lonely souls
who can't believe they've found each other in the midst of a murder investigation."
Reviewed by: Sandra Garcia-Myers, RT Book Reviews
Irresistible Stranger
Mesmerizing Stranger
MESMERIZING STRANGER (Romantic Times Rating: 4.5) by Jennifer Greene: "Unique characters,
humor, a good mystery, a new setting and a heartwarming heroine make this a mesmerizing book, one
readers won't want to put down."
great voice, perfect characters, a heartwarming story and humor all combined into a book readers won't
want to put down even for a minute,  Lily Campbell was just 8 when a fire destroyed her home and killed
her parents, causing her and her sisters to be separated.  Twenty years later Lilly returns to pecan Valley
to uncover who set the fire.  She meets Giff Branchard ---- owner of an ice cream store and local bad boy
--- who is so laid back he seems unambitious.  Except she realizes almost immediately that he is a fake.  
Griff works on secret computer projects and helps the lost boys in town.  Before long a new set of fires
endangers the town and Lily is the main suspect.  Then the danger moves closer."
Secretive Stranger
Cate and Harm’s story.  Cate’s an adventure chef,
enjoying a terrific job on a yacht in Alaska…definitely
not looking for a man.  Harm inherited a business
crisis that needs resolving before the problem
escalates into complete disaster…so for now, he has
absolutely no time for a woman in his life.  A case of
poison brings them together.  Two people who can’t
trust anyone…it seems can only trust each other.
It’s not enough that Sophie Campbell discovers her
neighbor’s body.  His doorstep.  But the man’s no
ghost…the instant attraction that sparks between them
is all too real.  College profession Cord Pruitt wants
answers about his brother’s murder. The woman
downstairs must have seen something.  But when Cord
lays eyes on Sophie, all he wants to do is take her in his
arms and protect her.  With a killer on the loose, and all
signs pointing to Sophie.  As the next target, that’s just
what he will have to do….
RT Nominee - Best
RT Nominee - Best
Silhouette Romantic Suspense
Reviewed by: Sandra Garcia-Myers, RT Book Reviews
Reviewed by: Page Trayner, RT Book Reviews