A whopping ten-million dollar inheritance should have been
Carolina Daniel's dream come true.  Instead, the money
brought nothing but vultures looking for their share of the
wealth.  Fortunately for her, the generous also came with a
rescuer: sexy billionaire Maguire Cochran.

Instinct told Maguire that the generous inheritance his father
had given Carolina for saving his son would send her
running for help.  His plan?  To be her "knight in shining
armor" and show her how to toughen up.  Whisking her off
for a luxurious getaway- complete with a romantic dinner or
two- was all a part of the arrangement.  But letting the
considerate, passionate schoolteacher give him a lesson
in love- and transform his heart- was not....
Finding Ms. Right - In His Own Back Yard!
Smarting from his recent divorce, newly single attorney
Mike Conroy wanted only one thing ----- to be the best dad
ever. And if that meant he needed to lead a life of celibacy, he
could handle that.

Until he met his new next-door neighbor, that is.

Flame-haired Amanda Scott was as passionate as the color of
her hair--- and as determined as Mike to be a fantastic parent
to her daughter. Not only was the rugged Mike her polar
opposite, but she'd also sworn off the opposite sex for keeps.  
But sometimes love can be as close as right next door....
They were single parents who believed they were giving
their sons all they could ever need. But a meeting with their
boys' what they really needed was each other. Since
Tucker's boy craved a woman's influence and Garnet's son
would benefit from some outside experiences, a trade
seemed to be the perfect solution. So one day a week
they'd swap kids. And maybe just see one another in
passing. This was just for the boys' sakes, of course.

But when two intelligent kids decide they want to be
brothers, heaven help the parents who didn't see this plan
coming. Because a couple of little matchmakers were
about to launch Project One Big Happy Family.
This story was really fun to write as it continued to
toy with my emotions from beginning to end.  Hope
you enjoy this book as mush as I did writing it.  
Harlequin Special Editions
Ginger Gautier does not need saving, thank you very much. Okay, she's
alone and pregnant. And, yes, she's unemployed and less than trusting
after her breakup with a big-city doctor, but that doesn't mean she needs
to be saved by a man. Especially not by another doctor!

Ike MacKinnon was enjoying his peaceful, easygoing small-town life—until
Ginger changed everything. Tired of Southern belles, the sexy doctor
realized that the feisty redhead is the only woman who ever tied him up in
knots. Trouble is, she's determined to stand on her own two feet, no
matter what the consequences. She won't listen to anything. Not even her
own heart.

But Ike's heart is telling him that he and this fiery redhead belong together.
And he's determined to make a house call that lasts forever!
THE BONUS MOMHarlequin Special Edition, September 2013 (available late

This is the third book in the Mackinnon family trilogy set on Whisper
Mountain in South Carolina.  LITTLE MATCHMAKERS was Tucker’s story…
THE BABY BUMP was Ike’s story….and THE BONUS MOM is about their
little sister.
Rosemary is studying wild orchids and living like a hermit on the top of Whisper  
Mountain.    When she abruptly called off her wedding last June, she disappeared to
evade the relentless concern of family and friends.  The reclusive life suits her fine—
she can never tell anyone why she called off the engagement.
By accident, Whit and his twin daughters discover her place—thanks to a bear who     
terrified the girls.  He’s intrigued with Rosemary from the first….and she’s intrigued
right back.  But no matter how much chemistry sparks between her and Whit…or
how much she comes to love his daughters…she still has that mortifying secret that
she can’t tell anyone.  Even the man she comes to love…
These first three novels are a trilogy
These two novels are stand alones