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Writing Craft
Characterization: turning theory into reality - creating believable characters who capture the readers' imagination

Outwitting the Muse: outwitting a muse who just won’t behave

The All Important First Chapter: writing a great first chapter

Ride of the Romance: thrill of the thriller / ride of the romance; meeting readers' expectations

I Wanna Do Bad Things with You: 10 ways to add emotion to your story

Sex is Baby Boomer Business: boobs may be sagging, butts may be dragging but the mature woman’s libido is
still intact, so how does the writer make sex romantic without tight, taut virgins and virile young studs?

Sexy Grammar: grammar can be a lot more fun than diagramming sentences

Nailing Conflict: how to get your characters where they need to go—even if they don’t want to

The Relationship of Conflict to Emotion: they can’t survive alone, but it can be a challenging marriage

Points of View on POV: the power of viewpoint

Values: exploring ways in which we can affirm healthy positive values for women today

Romance Fiction as a Feminist Issue: feminist values in romances…selling the values we want and mean to sell
to our readers

Romance and Sexual Harassment: being conscious of the invisible values we write

Techniques in Handling Sensitive Subjects: tips and tricks to developing characters and conflicts in more
challenging stories

Voice vs. Style: online course defining the elusive qualities between voice and style

Theme: taking an old-fashioned concept and turning it into an effective way to market your voice

Comedy in Romance (panel): handling serious themes with a light touch

Perfection is boring: the Myth of the Perfect Hero (panel): a mini-history of what romance readers wanted
from their heroes

Heroes in romance......
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Writing Craft
Let Your Imagination Take Flight: finding inspiration from what you already know and feel

Finding Balance as a Writer: burnout, writer’s block, and other problems writers inevitably suffer—solutions and ideas

Power – Not Theirs, OURS: how to outwit the trends, the publishers and ourselves

Romance: how I got into the business and research problems I've run into

Persistence: do you have what it takes to survive and thrive as an author

Fear Factor: dealing with our fears

Write What You Know - Revealing Your Inner Self-confidence (panel): heart - where the best books come from
Short Contemporary Issues: what a reader wants, what an editor needs and how the author delivers

The Editor/Writer Relationship: a unique and challenging working relationship for both sides

Focus on Category: tips to writing / selling short contemporary stories

The Appeal of the Category Romance: the universal values and messages in series books

Pushing the Envelope – Writing the Controversial Rom: how to include and when to avoid sensitive issues in
contemporary romances

Values in Genre Fiction: a crash course on the history of birth control and abortion

Writing A Synopsis: the agony and ecstasy of writing a synopsis…well,really just the agony!

Career Writer: what it takes to make it long term as a writer
Romance Readers Romp: reader / writer get-together
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