Recent Releases - Special Edition
Silhouette Romantic Suspense
Secretive Stranger
Mesmerizing Stranger
Irresistible Stranger
"NEW MAN in TOWN"  Trilogy
I wrote my first 15 books for Berkley under
"Jeanne Grant"
.  Several were award
winning and bestsellers
and these stories
were where I first gained a reputation for
breaking the rules.
Carina Press is publishing my whole
Jeanne Grant back list, starting with
Silver and Spice, Ain't Misbehaving,
Trouble In Paradise...and many more.  
Re-release of 15 favorites - Carina Press
Please visit my Carina Press page to explore these and many others which are available as e-books.
Hi everyone
There've been so many wonderful changes in publishing!  Books used to disappear
and go out of print ---- but not any more.  From the newest to the oldest, almost
all my books are available digitally.  My website's been reorganized so (I Hope)
you'll find it easier to find the information or books you want.
Click any image for a sneak preview........
A trilogy
Jennifer is a best selling author of 86 books, with over 15 national awards--including the RWA
Hall of Fame and the RWA Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award.  She's known for her
unforgettable characters, sneaky humor, and the vital women's issues she loves to write about.
      Dozens of my books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble (etc)..... but Amazon's KINDLE program
offered me a chance to reissue my earliest Silhouettes.  The covers are gorgeous--- so I wanted to share them.
Many of these are award winners and also personal favorites.  Enjoy!  J.G
From Susan Elizabeth Phillips:  "The author most likely to steal your heart"
From Publishers Weekly:  "Jennifer Greene's writing possesses a modern sensibility and frankness that is vivid, fresh, and often
From Melinda Helfer:  "Aspellbinding author of uncommon brilliance, the Fabulous Jennifer Greene is one of the romance
genre's greatest
gifts to the world of popular fiction."